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Week #3 updates-

Hi Desert sands Families-

Opening night was a big success and thanks for all your support. Here is what you need to know for the upcoming week #2.

  • Week # 3 is Sept 30th is picture night for older's 5th-8th grades and schedules will be posted this week at As part of your registration fee, you receive a team, Individual and a special extra gift form the league. If you want more you can order.
  • Please check your scores and let us know immediately if there are any errors.
  • Check sponsor names on the website ( under the sponsor tab. Two sponsors are highlighted in red because we do not know what Team they belong too. Check closely to spelling and accuracy because this will drive the production of the sponsor plaques.
  • Check schedules, things do occasionally change.
  • Coaches stop by the FNL snack shack before your games to pick up player cards.
  • Coaches are responsible for controlling their sidelines. Verbal attacks towards Refs will not be tolerated. It is not an easy job, and they are doing their best, but we lack video review and there will be mistakes. Your goal is to separate yourself from the competition; so 1 bad call will not determine the outcome of a game. Teach respect towards authority.
  • Support our vendors. If you like our variety, please plan on having dinner with us. We can keep all the vendors if the volume makes sense. Sorry about running short on Chick-Fil-A sandwiches and nuggets but this week we will up our order.
  • Keep it FUN and remember its about the kids. If we stick to our roles, it works well. Coaches coach, Referees ref, Players play, and Parents cheer!

All the best,

Tom Roche and John Maldonado Commissioners

Arrive hungry and support our growing Vendor partners!!!

  • New Chick-Fil-A
  • Las Carretas Taco shop
  • Pele's frozen lemonade
  • Kettle Corn
  • ​​​​​​​Pizza