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December 2016 ~ from Coach Albert

Hey John & Tom, 

I wanted to tell you guys this now because once the season is officially over I'm sure you guys are going to want to take a break from talking about the league for a little while.  Like you guys my wife runs a league at the Indio Community Center twice a year.  Which pretty much means I have to help.  The begining of every season is always exciting and fun.  However, sooner or later the honeymoon period of the season is over and in comes the complaints.  I'm sure you two are all too familiar with this.  As a season comes to an end with playoffs and a rise in competitiveness every perceived mistake is magnified and the complaints really start coming in.  Often you'll hear parents say there not bringing back the child next season.  Of course, come next season more often than not they come back any ways.

Any how with the level of competition rising along with they amount of complaining parents I wanted to remind you two that you both provide a great service to our community here in the Coachella Valley and I personally wanted to thank you for all your hard work.  I work part time just so I can volunteer my spare time working with kids in our community and respect anyone else who does the same.  I know sometimes it's hard to stay motivated doing this when others criticize without offering help nor solutions.  Please keep doing what you do.  Remember it's the kids we do this for not the parents.

Some people create a circle around them selves and within it they lift up and help those closest to them.  Other's create a bigger circle to lift up and help even more people.  But, few, very few, create a circle big enough to lift up and help an entire community.  You two are that kind of persons and that makes you real champions.  Keep up the good work.


THANK YOU FNL Families!!!

Testimonial from Shaun Clark, President Southern California Junior All-American football

It has been a pleasure for me to be a part of this organization! As adults and competitors we all understand the drive and determination to be the best. It is what pushes us to sit in the seat that we are in right now. I think what we all need to remember is, we are examples and role-models for these young boys and girls that we coach and witness to. We want these children to grow up to be the role models that we have become. It's always a sad situation where a parent gets out-of-control or out of hand. I commend you on your efforts to keep this on track! As we get closer to the playoffs this behavior will be more evident but those of us who stand for the betterment of the game need to stay true to our passions and composure. Let us witness to everyone around us! I want to thank you again gentleman for all your work and effort I repeat I am proud to be a part of this organization!

Thank You,

Shaun Clark