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Register Now for FALL and Save $25!

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Fall Registration is now open. If you register early during the month of May you will save $25 dollars and will be guaranteed a spot for our Fall season that kicks off in August.

Coaches needed and the sooner you volunteer we maybe able to add more players.

Create Memories and friendships that last a Lifetime :}

Yes we need more Coaches to make a difference in these kids lives.

Sign up NOW!!

Fall 2022 Pre season skills clinic

Saturday, August 27th time TBD 

PreK - 8th grade- participants will be grouped by grade levels

Give your Kids the extra training and edge they need to make this their best season yet!

$60 dollar fee includes: 

  • DSFNL dry-fit T-shirt 
  • 10 to 1 ratio of Coaches to players 
  • 3 hrs of High energy skill training stations such as: Proper stretching, Throwing and catching techniques, route running, pursuit angles, flag pulling, and more...

Location: Colonel Mitchell Paige Middle School, Palm Royale Drive, La Quinta, CA, USA -

Join NOW and create "Friends for Life"

#1 Youth sports league in the Desert

It's our final week of our Spring season

DSFNL Families-

We are in the home stretch with only two weeks remaining in our Spring season. 

Looking ahead…

1) Register now for FALL and Save $!

click here >

Fall Registration is now open. If you register early during the month of May you will save $25 dollars and will be guaranteed a spot for our Fall season that kicks off in August.


Back to football! 

Our regular season ends Friday May 13th and Kindergarteners will be awarded participation trophies that night.

Playoffs schedules will be out week of May 16th once final seedings are determined

3) Single elimination Playoffs start Thursday May 19th and conclude on Friday May 20th with our semi finals and championship games. Everyone makes the playoffs!


$) Tournament Of Champions takes place in Los Alamitos Saturday June 4th.  Invitations will be offered to Playoff champions and finalist plus 1st and 2nd place regular season finishers.  If you are one of the top teams, start the conversation to see if your parents and players are interested in representing our Desertsands FNL league?

5) In closing, Teach good sportsmanship!

Things are heating up out there as teams are battling for trophy positions and higher playoff seedings. Please keep in mind that despite the amazing competition, close games, and a desire to is still just a game. 

Behavior/Sportsmanship will always be the top priority at FNL. Kids that play sports do better in life; however, we need to teach the right lessons.  We love to compete but once the outcome is determined there is no reason to humiliate the opponent. Remember, we reward points against vs. point scored and cap point differential at 23. 

We will always hold the Head Coach accountable for the behavior of their players, parents, and anyone else on their sideline. The referees have been advised to have a zero-tolerance policy for aggressive contact.  Safety for the Players is our priority.

We have always said.... Coaches Coach, Players Play and Parents Cheer. When we try and do someone else's usually turns out to be a problem. As adults, it is our responsibility to teach and demonstrate GREAT Sportsmanship.

Reminders for Week #8:

Schedule: Check them closely.  Some weeks you may have a double header, or a bye and we do make some minor adjustments each week. 

* Parking will be strictly enforced- Do not park in the red, yellow, or blue handicap parking without proper permits. We have set up a "Drop off area".  Please pull as forward, as far as you can and be prepared to “Drop and Go”!  We need to keep the entrance unobstructed for emergency vehicle access. 

Scores: Let us know if anything is posted incorrectly.

* No Dogs are allowed on school property per district guidelines.  Enforcement is required if we want to maintain our field permits.

We look forward to seeing you tonight. 

Thanks, and Keep it FUN!



Tom Roche and John A. Maldonado

Commissioner’s Friday Night Lights

760 636-8263


  • This is a district restriction and if violated we could lose our field use permits.

Share the spotlight-

Parents, If you want your kids to share the spotlight, please upload and share your action photos photos with our Social Media Director, Victoria 

Plus... if your children have been recognized for academic or community excellence let us know and we will catch our Players doing things right!

Other important information:

  • Upload championship pictures and video to our Social media Director Victoria Janosz @ ...Share action photos and any academic excellence awards
  • Sponsor plaques are backordered and not expected to arrive until Jan/Feb. Our trophy supplier communicated to us that a component of the plaques is caught up in the supply chain crisis. Once they are ready, we will contact all our Teams to meet us at CMP to pick up you Sponsor Plaques.

DesertSands FNL CoVid safety protocols

In the best interest of all our Families, we will follow State and County CoVid safety protocols and be socially responsible-

We are still in a pandemic.  If you have any symptoms or underlining conditions, please stay home. Our commitment is to create a safe and healthy environment for our kids to compete and participate in the fun, exciting, sport of Flag Football.  We are fortunate that we are a non-contact outdoor sport. With that said, we still need to strictly follow State and County guidelines and socially responsible best practices.

Fortunately, our teams are relatively small groups with 8-9 players and our Fans can spread out around the perimeter of the fields. Crowds are dispersed across 9 fields and over 5 sequential rounds at 5pm, 5:50pm, 6:40pm, 7:30pm and 8:20pm.   All spectators need to socially distance and if not possible wear masks. Once your games are complete, please efficiently exit.  Coaches, you are responsible for controlling your sidelines.

In the case a player tests positive, we will strictly follow contact tracing protocols.  If the positive individual has been in contact with others, defined as “within six feet for 15 minutes or more”, the at risk player needs to be symptom free and show a negative test result with in the 24-48 hours of game/practice time.  If you test positive, you need to self isolate for minimum of 5 days and show a negative test result to be added back to the active roster.  

If the Team has 5 active remaining players, we will play the game as scheduled.  If the Team has less than 5 active players (eligible to participate), we will attempt to reschedule but realize this may not be possible and could result in a loss.   

Practice good sportsmanship but we will not shake hands after the games.  You can lineup as a Team on your sidelines and thank the other Team for the opportunity to compete verbally or with a wave or positive hand gestures.   

No matter your beliefs, lets all do our part to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of our Families and Players. If you have questions direct them to your Coaches or reach out to us.


Keep it Fun!

Congratulations to our Spring 2022 regular season Divisional 1st and 2nd place finishers


1st & 2nd:

Red Div. – 1st Texas Longhorns – Coach Eric Morlong

                   2nd – Arizona St – Coach Devin Dyson

Blue Div. – 1st Tennessee – Coach Chris Geraurd

                      2nd Notre Dame – Coach Michael Davitt

3rd & 4th:

Red Div. – 1st Notre Dame – Coach Michael Davitt

                     2nd Navy – Coach Billy Meraz

Blue Div. – 1st     LSU   Manual Rhodabarger

                      2nd TCU – Coach Rene Zemora

5th & 6th:

Yellow Div. - 1st Oregon - Coach Armen Altounian

                    2nd Alabama - Coach Albert Villa

Red Div.     - 1st Minnesota - Coach Jory Kirchhevel

                    2nd - Penn St. Coach Bruce Brown

Blue Div.     - 1st Fresno St. Coach Roy Guzman

                     2nd Texas Tech - Coach Areal Gonzales

7th & 8th:

Red Div.     - 1st Cal Coach Alfred Franco

                    2nd Ole Miss - Coach Ethan Horne

Blue Div.     - 1st Nebraska - Coach James Mawhiney

                     2nd Notre Dame - Coach Matt Diwns



Welcome to the

2022 Spring FNL Flag Football Season!








Call: 760-636-8266


Upload your photos 

Every Teams has there own web page!

Desert Sands Friday Night Lights-DSFNL


Fall Season 2021 



5 DIVISIONS (K, 1ST/2ND, 3RD/4TH, 5TH/6TH, 7TH/8TH) 







Pictures and TROPHIES


 FNL Vendors


Remember the regular season is about Team development, “EVERYONE makes the PLAYOFFS”; so Keep it FUN!!

The impact you can make on this Community and this new generation can be life altering.   The Life lessons you teach will be much more enduring than your record.

Whether you like it or not you are role models.  Control your sidelines.  You set the tone for the Players, Parents, and ultimately the league; so win or lose, do it with Class. Demonstrate Good Sportsmanship, shake hands after every game, and genuinely thank the opponent for the opportunity to compete.

“New Spotlight Player award-  Coaches please be active nominating your players for Community, Academic or Athletic excellence!  Every week we will select an individual that best embodies the ideals we prize as a League. 

Lastly, Control you Sidelines Remind your Families: “Coaches Coach, Refs Ref, Players Play and Parents Cheer.  If we all stick to our roles we will have another Banner Season.


Click here for Brett Farve's opinion on our kids playing youth tackle football

Brett Favre says choose Flag Football until 14yrs old

Feed for


DSFNL Mailing Address


P.O. Box 11034

Palm Desert, CA 92255-1034

John A. Maldonado

COMMISSIONER K, /1st & 2nd / 3rd & 4th Grade Divisons

Phone: 760-636-8266

Tom Roche

COMMISSIONER 5th & 6th / 7th & 8th Grade Divisions

Phone: 949-836-4753

Game and practice Pictures Wanted!

Have any practice or game photos or videos that you want to share with us?

Please send them to Victoria Janosz, our Web and Social Media Director at

Thank you!

Mother’s Day Roses!

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Spring 2018 Photos

Fall 2017 Pictures

Join the 20,000 Kids who Play FNL Football

14 FNL Football Leagues to choose from.  Please Visit their websites for more information:

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